Wall Climbing Super Car – Red

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Keep your head in the clouds and your car on the ceiling. That’s how we do it, and you can, too, with this Wall Climbing Super Car!

This car uses vacuum suction to stick to vertical surfaces and even drive upside down along the ceiling, letting you take your radio-controlled motoring to places you never thought possible! And, if you ever feel like driving on the floor again, just switch the car to ‘Ground’ mode to turn off the suction, letting you drive around without sucking half your carpet up.

This fantastic car can charge right from the infrared remote control, using its 2 x AAA batteries. Or, you want to save the controller’s batteries, you can plug it into any USB port using the included cable. And, if you want to race across the walls with your friends’ wall climbing cars, you can take advantage of the tri-band technology and all use different remote channels, so your signals won’t get jumbled up.

Cars have been driving on the ground for too long. It’s high time they went… well, high. So, for the thrill of driving on the walls and ceiling, get your vacuum-suction Wall Climbing Super Car today!

  • This radio-controlled car drives vertically and upside down!
  • Sticks to the walls and ceiling with vacuum suction
  • Turn off the vacuum to drive on the ground
  • Charges via remote or USB (cable included)
  • Car measures approx. 12 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm

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