Sylvanian Families Highbranch Giraffe Family

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The Highbranch Giraffe Family are a charming family consisting of father Egbert, mother Olive, and babies Bran and Brie.

Giraffe father Egbert keeps on forgetting how tall he is, so he is always hitting his head on things. Mother Olive is very easy going. Bran, the baby in orange, loves to take photos with the camera his father gave him. He really looks up to his tall father, in more ways than one! Brie, wearing red, likes to use the binoculars her father gave her. She's always begging her mother to let her ride on her head so she can see farther and farther away.

  • Contents: 4x giraffe figures, 1x camera & 1x binocular accessories
  • This family set feature long necks and a distinctive coat pattern
  • The figures' arms and legs can be moved to put them in different poses

          Suitable for ages 3+

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