Presto 400W 2 x 2.4L Tier Steam Cooker White

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The historic Tower Presto range brings back its affordable and versatile products to people's homes, complete with the contemporary features of this 2 tier steamer. With a total capacity of 5 litres, this steamer uses a 400W steam ventilated performance across 2 tiers, to cook your meals whilst locking in all the vitamins and nutrients from your ingredients. The 60 minute timer provides complete control of the cook time, for scheduling the period of steaming for your fish, meat and vegetable dishes. The extendable stand offers the additional space to cook more ingredients, while the rice bowl is the ideal accessory for preparing rice based dishes. The dishwasher-safe lid minimises the need for manual washing, while the non-slip rubberised feet and the automatic switch-off feature maintains the safety elements required during operation.

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