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NUK Eco Control Video Display 550VD

Digital baby monitor with Eco-Mode, video function and Full Eco-Control function
Video and audio transmission or audio only, up to 4 cameras including Patrol mode
Eco-mode: Completely free of high frequency radiation while your baby is sleeping
Full eco-control function: connection and range control up to 250 m also in eco-mode
Intercom function, reliable signal transmission by digital FHSS method, adjustable noise sensitivity, optical noise level indicator
Night lighting, room temperature control, feeding timer, lullabies, natural sounds, display with brightness adjustment
For reliable sleep monitoring: digital baby monitor with 2in1 function

Would you like to take the opportunity to immerse your darling in the realm of dreams after an exciting day full of new experiences, and still be sure that he is sleeping peacefully? Even when you're not in the room, a babysitter is a simple solution that will always let you know if your baby is sleeping quietly. The premium baby monitor, NUK Eco Control Video Display 550VD, offers safety and reliability and gives you a peaceful feeling.

The digital baby monitor is equipped with a 2in1 function.
You can use the baby monitor either for video and audio transmission or only for audio transmission.
For example, if you want to save battery or your baby is already big enough to sleep without visual inspection, you can simply turn off the camera. The device then transmits only night sounds while saving energy.
If you use a baby monitor with a video function, thanks to the zoom function and automatic night vision, you can watch everything, even in the dark.
Digital baby monitor with eco-mode: completely without high-frequency radiation

One of the features of this NUK baby monitor is the integrated eco-mode, which reduces radiation in the room where your baby sleeps.
When eco-mode is activated, the room is 100% free of high frequency radiation and your baby is not exposed to any unnecessary electromagnetic smog.
In addition, the baby monitor is equipped with a full eco-control function, which checks the connection between the two units and reliably informs you whether your little dreamer is crying, whether the connection is broken or whether the maximum range has been exceeded.
You can be sure and monitor your baby's sleep with a clear conscience.
Babysitter with up to 4 cameras at once

Are you the proud parents of several children and do you want to give them the same care even when they are sleeping? To do this, you can add additional cameras (not included) to the digital baby monitor.

With Patrol mode, you can easily watch everything from bed to bed or from room to room without having to touch the equipment.
In Patrol mode, the image automatically switches from one camera to another every 10 seconds.
Of course, you can also set up several cameras in one room to see your sleeping pet from different angles.
Each additional baby monitor unit can be set separately via the parent unit. In this way, you can adjust the appropriate settings for each child, such as room temperature, lullabies or activated night lights.
With just one digital baby monitor parent unit, you can ensure ideal sleeping conditions for all your children and always have them under control thanks to the possibility of video.
Relaxed sleep routine: babysitter with lullabies, natural sounds and temperature control

If your baby doesn't want to fall asleep from time to time, the babysitter has four different lullabies or soothing sounds from nature to put your little ones to sleep.
Melodies and sounds can be selected individually via the parent unit.
They can also be played in a loop or in random order, depending on your baby's needs.
A separate timer ensures that the lullabies turn off automatically after a preset time.
You can easily set the ideal volume on the baby unit to suit you.
Thanks to the clear intercom function, you can calm your baby even from a distance.
You can turn the soft night light of the baby unit on or off manually or let it turn off automatically using the timer.
Room temperature is also an important factor for a comfortable and peaceful sleep for your baby.
The optional babysitter temperature control function shows you the room temperature and notifies you when the temperature exceeds the upper or lower limit. Of course, you can also turn this feature off.
Reliable connection with up to 32 secure channels thanks to FHSS technology

The NUK Eco Control Video Display 550VD digital baby monitor FHSS technology provides reliable, clear and trouble-free signal transmission so that you do not overhear even the quietest sound.
With up to 32 custom anti-hacking channels and automatic channel search, sufficient security is provided. - It's really just you who can hear when your dreamer is restless or crying.
Stay flexible with the new digital baby monitor

With a range of up to 250 m and the wireless operation of a portable parent unit, you can meet your daily household responsibilities, enjoy reading a book or simply relax.
Thanks to the feeding timer, you are always ready for the feeding time of your baby.
Rechargeable LiPo batteries have a maximum life of up to 8 hours.
Battery life may be extended if the sensitivity and volume are reduced and the display is turned off.
The baby unit can be mounted on the wall if necessary.
For a sense of security when monitoring your baby's sleep

The noise level indicator with 5 LEDs is particularly suitable for visual display of sounds in a child's room.
This feature is especially useful when you have significantly muted or muted the parent unit.
The more LEDs you see, the louder your baby will cry.
The transmission sensitivity can be set to a level that suits you.
If the set sensitivity is too low, the baby unit only responds to loud sounds.
If the set noise sensitivity is high, even a soft sound such as mumbling is transmitted.
Transmission sensitivity can be set to one of four levels.
In each of these settings, the eco-mode is automatically activated as soon as the child falls asleep.
Transmission sensitivity can also be deactivated so that all sounds can be transmitted continuously.
In this case (level 5), however, the eco-mode is deactivated.
The device also has the option of turning on a vibration alarm so that you always know if something is happening in the child's room.
The package includes:

1 Children's unit (for children's room)
1 Mobile unit (for parents)
2 Power adapters
1 Rechargeable batteries
2 Screws for fixing the baby unit to the wall

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