Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats

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Slip into the role of the Ice Cream seller while playing with the one and only ice cream set! With Kinetic Sand, ice cream creations always turn out to be as desired and the scented sand appeals to even more senses than ever before. The magical sand from Sweden, sticks to itself, it flows through the hands and is particularly easy to shape and model. This creates ice cream cups with great toppings, waffles with ice cream and more.

There are no limits to the imagination and refill packs with scented sand (available separately). Of course, new types of ice cream can also be made by mixing different sand colours. Including a new fragrance. Since Kinetic Sand does not dry out, it is always ready for use again. If the humidity in the room is below 60%, Kinetic Sand can easily be refreshed with a few drops of water.

Age: 3+

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