iPad and Tablet Support Cushion

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Do your arms get sore holding your tablet on the sofa or in bed? Do you try to balance it on books for hands-free use, only to find it slipping like a water slide? Yeah, you need this iPad and Tablet Cushion.

Designed for easy and comfortable tablet use, this triangular cushion will change your life. Simply slot your iPad or tablet, or phone for that matter, into the ledge and then lean it against the backrest. This handy cushion even has accessory pockets in the back for your smartphone, earphones, pens, stylus, and more.

Made from soft cushion with premium fabric, this tablet support cushion is more comfortable than a old pair of shoes but still super durable. So, for a tablet experience that’s just what the doctor ordered, grab your InGenious iPad and Tablet Cushion now!

  • Using your iPad or tablet just got comfortable!
  • This tablet cushion is soft and lightweight yet sturdy
  • Has accessory pockets in the back of the cushion
  • With a device ledge to prevent your tablet slipping
  • Phone or tablet not included
  • Measures approx. 32 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm

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