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For those of you who’ve been thinking of going for a night-time drone flying session, gentle internet, there’s always been the fundamental disadvantage that drone lights just aren’t that good for navigation. Let’s face it, a few little LEDs blinking away hardly works as the best kind of navigational aid, especially not on a really dark night. Fortunately, we at Menkind have a solution that’ll get you in the air in no time, with this dazzling RED5 Illuminator Drone!

This drone is a dream to fly: with sturdy 6-axis gyro stabilisation, an impressive 6-channel control and an incredibly useful Headless mode that lets you fly based on your own position rather than the drone’s, the Illuminator is incredibly simple to pilot around, and is certain to make everyone from beginners to veteran drone flyers happy.the handy auto-return function is great as well, letting you bring the drone back to the starting point with ease.

However, it’s the illuminated blade guards that really make this amazing flying machine stand out: stunning LEDs glow brightly, easy to follow even at the maximum 40m outdoor range, meaning you’ll never lose sight of your drone. What’s also especially good about this drone is that its small size makes it super-fun to fly both indoors and outside, making it a great drone for hovering about your garden or zipping around a spacious living room. With a cool 5 minute flight time on a quick 40 minute charge, and built-in overcharge protection on the battery, you’ll get to have endless fun with this flying marvel. Don’t miss out - as if you could ever miss this!

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