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Spin the wheel and choose your path in the Game of Life board game – now with instant set-up and easier gameplay.

This classic board game sees players drive down twisting roads for a life of unexpected surprises. Choose the path that leads to college for a chance at a high-paying job. Or choose a career straightaway and get paid sooner.

The player with the most money in retirement wins the game– but there are all kinds of adventures to have along the way. Will you go it alone, or end your journey with a car full of kids and pets? What kind of house will you live in? Pop your peg in the car and set off on your Game of Life board game journey to find out!

A Stop space might let you decide whether to have kids or go to night school.

An Action space means drawing a card that could see you make or lose money. Will you be paying the bank for a visit to the vet, or collecting your winnings from a TV talent show?

Spend your cash wisely as you travel around the board. Once everyone reaches the end of the game, you’ll have to pay your debts and add up your wealth. The player with the most money wins the Game of Life!

  • Contents: Game of Life board game with spinner, cards, tokens, cars, pegs and a money pack
  • Choose your path on the Game of Life
  • Retire as the wealthiest player to win
  • Now with instant set-up and easy play
  • For 2-4 players
  • Board dimensions: 50.4L x 50Wcm
  • Styles may vary
  • Batteries Not Required

Age: 8+

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