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Design and create your own multicolored plush with the battery-powered airbrush gun and stick-on stencils. The real airbrush gun makes it so easy and satisfying to create trendy and cute multicoloured plushies!

Use the airbrush gun to apply your favorite colours and create cool, seamless, colour-blended effects! This super cute plush is your blank canvas. Explore your personal style and creativity by customizing over and over again! When you’re ready for a new design, simply wash off the old one and start over!

  • Contents: 1 x unicorn plush, 1 x airbrush tool, 4 airbrush colour makers, 120 x stick on stencils and 1 x pair of gloves
  • Includes cool airbrush gun and chalk pens
  • Wash easily and repeat
  • Batteires required: 2 x AA (not included)

    Recommended Age 6 Years+

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