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Take a chance on Watermelon Smash but don’t be the one to get splashed. This all new hilarious twist on the water roulette game challenges each player to press the watermelon against their head as many times as indicated on the spinner.

A suspenseful game in which you never know when the watermelon will fully crack open. If it cracks on your turn, you either get covered with water (outdoor version) or plastic watermelon seeds (indoor version) and you are out of the game.

Be the last player to get ‘splashed’ to win! Great for indoor play with seeds or outdoor play with water.

How to play

Start by inserting the rectangular bar into the side of the watermelon without the tank flap. You will hear a click sound once the rectangular bar is fully inserted inside the half of the watermelon.

Clip on the two vine handles on each side of the watermelon.

To hold the watermelon, slide your fingers under the vine handles, so that the watermelon doesn’t fall out after it smashes.

Close the watermelon by inserting the watermelon half with the rectangular bar inside the hole on the other half of the watermelon.

Make sure that the watermelon is closed properly before each game to avoid leaking.

After each round, close the flap and secure the two pieces of the watermelon together by inserting the watermelon half with the rectangular bar into the half with the hole.

Then, re-fill the tank for the next game!

Ages: 6+

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