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Animal-saving adventurers needed! Grab your vet-tech and discover their world as you race to the rescue to care for animals big and small. An injured animal needs rescuing fast so the Vets zoom in on their vehicles to save the day! Pippa hops in her speedboat to head down to Rescue Reef while Ava grabs her quadbike to save animals on land.

  • 2 to collect. Ava's Quadbike Rescuea nd Emily's Speedboat Rescue (Each sold separately)
  • Both articulated Vet figures come with new outfits to make sure they're saving animals in style!
  • Jump onto Ava's Quadbike with it's fully rolling wheels. Ava wears clip-on elbow and knee pads so she's ready to race to the rescue
  • Emily's Speedboat is ready for water rescues! Emily is fully equipped with flippers and her kit for rescue and recovery missions!
  • Ava has an elephant from Forest Falls and Emily has a turtle from Rescue Reef with colour change injuries!

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