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Help your Scuff Surprise Pets when they are not well, with the included Vet Rescue Ambulance! Look inside this amazing mobile toy! Just fold the sides out and down to reveal a Surprise Scruff Playset inside! It has everything you need to heal your unwell Scruffs! Roll out the reclining doctor's bed for your sick Scruffs! What illness does your Scruff have? Do they have a flu, a broken leg, or a broken heart?

In the ambulance you will find a healing accessory to help them! There is plenty of room and plenty of seats for you to display and play with your Scruffs. The Vet Rescue Ambulance comes with an exclusive super- cute sausage dog for you to rescue, heal and reveal! This little Scruff is just the right size to place them in the driver's seat! Time to help your next patient! Fold the sides of the ambulance back up and roll it along on its free-moving wheels to arrive just in time! There's a wonderful new world of adore-a-ball ScruffSurprise Pets waiting to be healed!

  • Includes: 1 x Ambulance playset, 1 x Hospital Bed, 1 x Character (Dashund), 1 x Vet Accessory, 1 x Collector's Guide
  • The Vet Rescue Ambulance is ready to roll! Move it along on its free-turning wheels then make it transform into a VET playset so you can rescue your pets!
  • The Vet Rescue Ambulance come with a super-cute sausage dog for you to rescue, reveal and heal! This Surprise Scruff is exclusive to the Ambulance Playset!
  • Help this poor little sausage dog get better! Do they have the flu, a broken heart or a broken leg?
  • Place your sick pets on the gurney to transport them or use the plaster cast to fix their broken leg! Both accessories are included with the Pet Rescue Ambulance!
  • The Vet Ambulance Includes a doctor's bed! Lay your Scruffs on it and roll them out of the ambulance!
  • The Vet Rescue Ambulance is the perfect place to display & play with your Surprise Scruffs with room for 10 pets!

Recommended Age 3 Years+

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