Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat - Pink

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The Swivel Bath Seat gives your baby extra support to sit in the bathtub safely while leaving your hands free to bathe him. Its unique 360° swivel action lets you gently turn the baby to wash those difficult-to-reach areas, while the rotating ball in a child-friendly color keeps the baby entertained. 4 independent suction pads on the base keep the Swivel Bath Seat stable and secure. Use it as soon as your baby can sit on his own, usually around 6 months


  • 1
    Ergonomically shaped backrest supports your baby.

  • 2
    Rotating colored ball will keep baby entertained.

  • 3
    The 4 independent suction pads offer great stability and a safe bath time.

Age & Weight

From  6 to 12 months / 7-10 Kg

Please note: Never leave your child unattended in any bath.

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