Mini Delices 4 In 1 Chocolate Workshop

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Create and decorate cute mini chocolate hearts, stars and bears with marshmallow centres. Make different types of tasty chocolate sweets and lollies, decorate with your favourite treats and share them in cute gift bags, wrapped in foil or in mini gift boxes! Make hundreds of tasty combinations! Mini Delices, they are so delicious!



Make your own chocolicious treats with the 4-in-1 Chocolate Workshop!
Make gummy bears, chocolate lollies and more!
Fun and easy to make without boiling water or using the microwave!
Make thousands of combination to give to your family or enjoy with friends!
Comes with mini gift boxes so you can give your mini treats away



1x Workstation with turntable and heart display area, 1x bain-marie, 3x chocolate moulds, 2x sprinkle containers, 1x bowl, 1x mini brush, 1x mini spoon, 1x mini tongs, 1x mini serving spatula, 6x lollipop sticks (reusable), 6x flat sticks (reusable), 3x mini gift boxes, 6x foil chocolate wrappers, 12x lollipop cellophane gift bags.

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