Kindi Kids Minis Rainbow Unicorn Playset

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The Kindi Kids now have their own adorable pets and they can’t wait to show you what they can do and tell you all about them! Say hello to the Show 'n' Tell Pets!

It's Pet Play Day at Rainbow Kindi! Teah is one of the Kindi Kids Show 'n' Tell Pets. It's all about nap time for this Koala. But the one thing that snaps her out of her nap is her favorite Eucalyptus Tea. When she's not drinking it, she's dreaming about it! This  pretty little Koala has the same sweet styling as Bella Bow. Stroke Teah's head to make her go to sleep. When you want to wake her up place her Shopkin Teacup close to her mouth. Teah will open her eyes and wake up!

    Recommended Age 3 Years+

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