Kindi Kids Dress Up Friends Marshamello Bunny

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Kindi Kids love to play dress us. Dress Marsha Mello as a bunny with this Kindi Kids Marsha Mello Bunny Dress Up Friends 25cm Toddler Doll.

Marsha Mello loves hopping about Rainbow Kindi in her super cute bunny suit! It's the perfect outfit for this soft and bouncy Kindi Kid! And when she feels like being her adorable self again, she just hops back into her pretty dress!

These easily changeable outfits can quickly be put on and taken off depending on how you want to play! Pick up your Kindi Kid and see your toy come to life! With big glittery eyes, colourful hair, changeable shoes and an adorable head that bobbles with every movement! The world of Kindi Kids is full of imagination and fun.

  • Contents: A doll, a bunny dress, a play time dress, a bunny ear headband and a pair of boots
  • Dress Marsha Mello in her 2 easily changeable outfits!
  • Her head wobbles and bobbles!

Recommended Age 3 Years+

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