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North the Sabertooth Kitty pet is a cute kitty who needs you to rescue her and make her feel safe and loved. With more than 35 sound-&-motion combinations, she responds to you so adorably! When you first meet her, she’ll act like she’s been stuck in ice for centuries! She shivers and chatters those cute little teeth. Give her love and snuggles while petting her head, and soon she’ll feel the glow of love and happiness -- you can see it in her heart! Anytime she gets the chills, just pet her head and give her more loving hugs, and her heart will glow again.
  • Includes North the Sabertooth Kitty pet Kitty and instructions.
  • Rescue North the Sabertooth Kitty pet from her frosty fate and warm her up with your love and care.
  • She has 35+ Sound-& Motion-Combinations.
  • Comfort her with loving hugs and soon her heart is glowing with happiness.
  • A great gift for kids aged 4 and up
  • Unassembled dimensions: 28W x 28H cm
  • Requires 3 X AA batteries (Not included)
  • Recommended Age 4 Years+

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