Eazifeed Ready To Use Bonemeal Slow Release Fertiliser 750g

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Eazifeed Bonemeal slow release fertiliser is a ready and easy to use fertiliser ideal for use all around the garden. Bone meal is a plant food that can be used as a root builder around the stems of plants, it can also be used for the planting of trees and shrubs to get them off to a good start, also ideal as a general plant food to keep plants in tip top condition. Provides nutrients for the growth of healthy plants and als encourages flowering and rapid establishment of new plants. Bone Meal for use on plants such as root crops, peas, beans, sweet peas, dahlias peony, gladioli and deciduous shrubs. Can be used in the autumn before first frosts for winter boost ing, use for new planting and adding nutrients in the spring after the frost has left the ground.

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