Daewoo 8 In 1 Health Grill Air Fryer 4 Litre

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This large capacity 8 in 1 Health Grill from Daewoo is everything you need for healthy cooking, and is energy efficient . With easy to use temperature settings for your proteins such as fish, chicken and red meats, and a variety of pre-sets for everything from dehydrating fruit, roasting vegetables and meats, grilling, air frying with little or no oil, and those cheat days where you get to eat your favourite foods like baking snacks, and even cooking pizza and chips. The Health Grill & Air Fryer has a huge 4 litre capacity, an easy to read LED digital display with simple touch controls, and comes with a variety of accessories including tongs, a crisping basket, a 4 litre cooking pot, and a grill gate splashguard.

Dimensions: 24 x 38 x 38cm 6.8kg. Removable trays, wipe clean interior and exterior


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