Bloo Total Bathroom Spray 750ml

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Keep your bathroom clean and fresh with the Bloo total bathroom cleaner. This 2-in-1 action spray and foam cleaner remove limescale and dirt, giving a streak-free shine. You can use this cleaner on multiple surfaces of the entire bathroom. Easy to use, spray on and rinse off. The unique spray and foam trigger can provide targeted cleaning power or cover large surface areas depending on your needs. The spray function cleans large areas fast, and in foam function, the foam stays longer to work harder. The bottle is reusable and is made of 100% recycled plastic. Do not use on marble and limestone. For enamelled bathtubs, first, try on an inconspicuous area. Moisten tile joints with water before application. Allow the cleaning agent to take effect up to 5 minutes.

Quantity: 750ml.

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