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This product comes in assortment. If there is a specific game you're after then please specify this in the notes section at checkout. The available options are Dino Dump Mini, OK Play Duel Mini, Muddles Mini. One supplied.

Dino Dump Mini:

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards. The last player with cards ends up in the poo! Dino Dump is a bit like Uno. You have power cards and can play card combos to get rid of cards fast and sabotage others. This small and addictive game is perfect for throwing in a bag to take on holiday, to school or someone’s house.

Muddles Mini

What do you get when you mix a frog and a pig? A pog, obviously!

The rarer the muddle, the more points you collect. The best is a Bellyfish, half bee, half jellyfish. You’ll need all these to pick the best Animal Cards and make the most valuable Muddles. If another player makes the Muddle you want, you can always steal it!

OK Play Duel Mini

OK Play is a head-to-head, 5-in-a-row tile game. Challenge a friend, grab a stack, and try to sneak a straight or diagonal line before they do. If you run out of tiles, you can reposition them until someone wins. 


2-6 Players

Recommended Age 8+

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