Belo & Me Teething Mitt - Pink

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Teething really SUCKS! But we can help to bring smiles back in no time....

The Belo Teething Mitt is here to fight those teething troubles and rescue your little teether. It is the perfect solution for younger babies when they can't keep hold of a teething toy, or for babies who chew on their hands making them red raw and chapped. In fact, it's sure to leave SMILES ALL ROUND!

Our teething mitt is 100% safe and contains no nasties, developed by a mum who has been there, done it, and got the slobber-drenched t-shirt!

Our mitt is lightweight and soft with plenty of texture to help soothe baby's gums when little teeth are starting to make an appearance. Plus it protects baby's hand and fingers from getting sore when baby is constantly chewing on their hands. 

The Belo Teething Mitt has all over chompability (that's a word right?!) giving babies something safe yet satisfying to chew on.

Suitable for babies aged 3-12 months.

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