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This Hoover Handy Car Handheld Vacuum has been specifically designed to help you clean your car with ease. Simply plug the Handy into the 12V outlet of your vehicle and your vacuum is ready to go; there is no need to recharge. This model comes with a car kit including a Crevice Tool to easily spot-clean crevices and a compact Dusting Brush for taking special care of car interiors such as dashboards and seat upholstery.

Lightweight – This handheld is small, lightweight and compact, ideal for using and storing in the car.
Long cord - The handheld vacuum is made to run off the 12V power outlet available in your car. With a 4m cord, you can easily vacuum your whole vehicle.
Large bin capacity - the 0.3L capacity gives you plenty of space for a truly thorough clean.
Crevice tool – The crevice tool attachment is ideal for easily spot cleaning crevices and leaving those hard to reach places spotless and dirt-free.
Dusting brush - The Dusting Brush allows you to take special care of the interior of your car, dealing with dusty dashboards and dirty seat upholstery.
All Hoover products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months; please register your appliance with Hoover.

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