Jug Kettle Luna Stainless Steel & Copper Accents 1.7L

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Inspired by the bewitchingly beautiful colours seen in a lunar eclipse, this kettle makes a stunning statement on any worktop. For hectic mornings when you need a quick cuppa to kick-start your day, this kettle is as extraordinary in speed as it is in appearance. With an illuminated water window, this kettle lights up like a lunar eclipse and lets you know when your waters boiling.

If you like your brews speedy then you'll love the Luna Copper Kettle's rapid boil zone, which is just one of the time saving benefits to the 1/2/3 cup marking feature on the inside of the kettle. Perfect for those hectic mornings when you've snoozed your alarm for that little bit too long, the rapid boil zone is designed to let you boil one cup in just 45 seconds.* And the best part is, not only do you get to enjoy a quick brew but it's also saving you up to 66% energy**, meaning you're spending less of your pennies.

Designed to bring ease to your life, the Luna Copper Kettle has a perfect pour spout that helps you avoid any splashes and spills on the worktop.

With a 1.7L capacity this kettle is the perfect size to take on the tea and coffee run for the whole family or even cater for all of your friends at coffee morning.

Designed to bring ease to your life the Luna Copper Kettle comes with a 360°; base that lets you place the kettle back onto its base from any angle. Perfect for left and right handed users this kettle excludes no one, allowing everyone to enjoy an effortless and delicious brew. And if that wasn't reason enough to fall head over heels in love with the Luna Copper Kettle, it even has integrated cord storage in its base for those of you who enjoy a clutter free kitchen.

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