Games Workshop Adepta Sororitas Sisters Of Battle Penitent Engines

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1 Adepta Sororitas - Penitent Engines Battle Walkers pack contains:

126 Plastic components

2 x Penitent engines (may be also assembled as Mortifiers or Anchorites)
2 x Citadel 50mm round bases
A Penitent engine is a large bidepal walker used by the Ecclesiarchy as a form of punishment for heretics that have repented their sins, but conversion into an arco-flagellant is deemed too lenient.

Unlike Space Marine dreadnoughts where the pilot is safely encased, the pilot of a Penitent engine is deliberately left exposed: their fate left up to the Emperor to decide, as the engine surges forwards on their desire for forgiveness and a heroic end in battle.

Only by slaying vast numbers of enemies may these tormented souls find respite, and stimulants constantly being administered by the engine keeps them alive, but able to feel the pain of their wounds. All the while hallucinating visions of their own face in the enemy, as they charge at them with adamantine-tipped buzzsaws capable of tearing tanks open, guttering heavy flamers and heavy flails that can pulverise flesh and bone.

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