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The Viro Rides Café Racer is a sleek electric mini bike that can reach speeds up to 15 MPH, with a 7+ mile range. The parent-control features allows adults to limit the speed to 10 MPH for younger or less experienced riders. The dashboard has speed and power displays so you know how fast you're going and when it's time for a recharge. Working front and rear LED lights help keep you safe, coming or going. The simple twist throttle revs up the 24-volt motor, sending power to the 250-watt rear hub wheel. A 4Ah Lithium Ion battery gives you all the juice you need, plus it's safe and easy to recharge.

ELECTRIC MINI-BIKE - This sleek mini-bike reaches speeds up to 15 MPH and has a 7+ mile range.
PARENTAL CONTROL - Parents can cap the speed at 10 MPH for younger or less-experienced riders
WORKING LIGHTS - Front LED headlight and rear LED tail/brake light help keep riders safe, coming or going.
REAL INSTRUMENT PANEL - Dashboard with speed and power display reminds you when it's time for a recharge.
TWIST & GO - Simple twist throttle powers up the 24-volt motor, spinning up the 250-watt rear hub wheel.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - 4Ah Lithium ion battery is safe and easy to use.

Three speeds - 10MPH, 12MPH, 15MPH.

Rear shock suspension.

Pleated & stitched seat.

Built in kickstand, foot pegs & handbrake.

Ages 8+ for 10 MPH
Ages 13+ for 15 MPH

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